Thursday, January 05, 2012

Winter...or just a tease?

Whether you like winter or not you have to wonder about now whether this global warming stuff is hitting home, sort of speak. A very mild and wet (rainy) winter thus far with less than 10 inches here in New Hartford. a few "local" winter images from my book "I Love NY Barns". Scheduled to be printed last August, I have delayed production because after proofing...the artist in me said that I just "had to" clean up some marginal photos and include some more interesting closeups and barns...anyway, I'll post as it gets closer to print again Winter Comes To The Farm. Farmers here have had a good jump on the spring chores because of the mild winter. It's nice to see the landscape covered in snow, quiet and asleep... cold, so quiet, so dark and turbulent at times. Yet, you still feel the life and the steady pulse of nature, and this is reassuring. It is a time to meditate, contemplate, and plan for the year ahead...

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