Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Standing on Mountains Is Good For Your Health. Echo Cliff, Panther Mountain, NY Jan.4, 2014

Panther Mountain and the Southern Adirondacks are a relatively short drive (1 hour) from Whitesboro. Especially, when  making the choice to head to the High Peaks Region which can take upwards of 2.5 - 3 hours depending on the weather and road conditions or to stay somewhat "local".

Che and I arrived at the Echo Cliff trail-head and I was pleased to see we were the only one there at the parking area. I was even more surprised to see that no one had been up since January 1, three days before. Got the snowshoes on,  and together Che and I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasantly gruelling but less than a mile climb up, through the beautiful 12-15 inches of fresh powder.  I felt especially refreshed and rejuvenated by the brilliant sunshine and the dose of much needed vitamin D. The exercise (or exorcism if you will) along with the bright sun and brilliant white snows,  helped to dissolve a case of SAD I endured(seasonal affliction disorder), due to the weeks of very dark, grey, and bitterly cold  weather we have experienced.

Che and I enjoyed a few joy filled and blissful hours together on the mountain. A few hours when cares seemed far away and put in perspective. A few hours when Che was a puppy once more, and I was nine years old  again, and  exploring the hills near my home in Japan trying to get the best vantage point of Mt Fuji, many miles away across the Kwanto plain.  

"What's takin you so long boss?" Che waits for me on the trail ahead. Must be nice to have 4-wheel drive!
Looked like feet sticking out from under the foot trail marker

Snow covered tree roots near Echo Cliff over-look
Pristine (except for Che's tracks) No one here since Jan1!
View of Piseco Lake

Panorama from Echo Cliff on Panther Mountain, January 4, 2014