Thursday, May 29, 2014

April is "Mud Season" in Upstate & Adirondacks of NY

A little busy this time of the year, but thought  I would belatedly post and share some April adventures we opted to take because the Adirondack High Peaks were a snowy slushy mess in April. Also it seemed that not much was going on in the Mohawk Valley as April was a bit on the cold side.

Our first diversion took us to Prospect Falls. Located just outside of the village of Prospect. I opted to just slip down along the bridge and move along the river. The snow was all gone but there was still some neat ice flows along the amazing rock formations. The falls itself is very difficult to navigate to, having been there last autumn, I opted to stay close to the bridge area. (I included a photo I took last year so you can see what the falls area looks like)  A word of warning if you try this little hike, as the descent into the gorge can be tricky with much loose rock and poor footing, also  much of the adjoining property is posted. 

Prospect Falls, NY (a photo I took last autumn-looked a little dry)

Our next stop was off Rt8 in Wells to try and get a closer look at the Auger Falls. We parked on a side road at an entrance to a snow mobile trail.
looks like the "welcome mat" is out

the swollen Sacandaga

beautiful stone fireplace

An old log cabin and pretty forests with much moss and ferns were the highlights this day.

Only one other person we saw this day and that was a photographer taking pictures of the spring forest. We hiked a few miles along this trail until we reached the Sacandaga as it hooked back around again near the Auger Falls.
This is where we decided there would be no crossing this river at this point today, and that we would save the falls for another day.