Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn in between the rain...

We are starting to get some of the first dramatic colors of autumn here in the Mohawk Valley, so try to get out in between the deluge of rain we've been getting to enjoy the view. One of the best spots to see the colors is at Roscoe Conkling Park in Utica. Walk around the "Eagle" T. Proctor Memorial area and hike into the Old Forest Cemetery to see some beautiful and spectacular old trees and color.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chaotic and strange weather in the Mohawk Valley...

Very strange weather indeed. After a rough last couple of weeks, hopefully now we can settle into an autumn of sunshine, and lots of fall color and beauty (some of the flowers and insects during-and after the storms). Receiving an unprecedented amount of rain that created much flooding in flood prone areas, as well as many areas that had never experienced flooding previously. Many areas are still in a state of emergency, and today finds many others trying to dry out from these unexpected hits from 2 hurricane remnants (tropical storms).

Many schools remained closed on friday. Well if nothing less the weather as usual here in the Mohawk Valley gives us much to chat about other than the mind-numbing politics that go on around here. But we won't go for me I'm headed outside to catch up on some much needed yard-work, and building maintenance at my business. And hopefully the weather will hold out long enough to enjoy a run or walk through Root Glen. ~Cheers!