Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Enchanting Skylight Mountain, Gray Mt., The Opalescent, Lake Tear Of The Clouds & Flowed Lands in Fall

View from the Flowed Lands

The mystical Flowed Lands
at the 4-Corners

The beauty and power of the Opalescent

View of Marcy from Gray Mt

Lake Tear of the Clouds & Marcy

View of Marcy from Skylight

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Snowy Mountain via the Griffin Brook Slide

Doing a little catchup on my posts. Here is a little hike we took up the front of Snowy Mt(@3,900ft) around Labor Day.

Theres nothing like feeling your way around a dense-thick and scraggly forest, and then up the side of a 3900ft Adirondack mountain  to teach you a little humility. Our goal this day was  to climb Griffin Brook Slide along the side of Snowy Mountain, then work our way to the familiar summit and ranger tower atop. Nolan and I had done a winter hike last winter up Snowy along the marked trail, so we were some what familiar with Snowy. But today would be a good old fashioned bush-wack with no trails. Throw in all the bugs, the brush, dense forest canopy, blow-down, rocks, spruce thickets and heat and the moment we discovered Griffin Brook slide through an opening in the forest canopy (bear with me as I update ths post this week....thanks-Pat!)