Monday, September 16, 2013

Wright Peak, Algonquin Peak, Boundary Peak, Iroquois Peak & Avalanche Pass 9-7-13

A great day and hike through Wright-Algonquin-Boundary & Iroquois Peaks. Wright Peak was by far our favorite Peak this day with it's open, expansive-panoramic views with statuesque and interesting boulders. Cairns were aplenty on all 4 peaks along with beautiful grasses and interesting plant species and some flowers too. The winds were very brisk at the peaks, Guessing that they were gusting at 30-40mph at times requiring you to brace yourself at times to prevent falling over or even getting blown right off the summit. Except coming down the trail from Boulder Peak into Avalanche Lake/Pass....was definitely one of the more difficult "marked" trails and conditions we've run up against this year. Ended up doing some bushwacking just by default because of poor trail conditions and markers and having to constantly criss-cross stream. A totally different world once you clear Avalanche night & day. Hope the girl we crosssed paths with on the trail down from Boundary, with the tight jeans, sandals sleve less shirt and little doggie we saw at 3:30 (at least 2.5 hours from summit) made it up and down Algonquin OK
atop Wright Peak bracing ourselves in 30-40 mph wind gusts
Reflecting pool atop Wright Blessed are those that feel the breath of God through clean fresh mountain winds, that gently touch their face and hair. Blessed are those that feel his pulse in the streams and rivers that course through the wilds. Blessed are those that feel his compassion and warmth, as they lay upon sun warmed ancient boulders"..Yasu
Plaque marking site of plane crash atop Wright Peak in 1962
Panorama atop Algonquin Peak
Cairns atop Algonquin Peak views coming down trail into Avalanche Pass