Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Images....

Look for my new photo-and artwork website which will soon house and index selected photos and paintings at higher quality and more professionally which I am very excited about...~Thanks-Pat
"Warm Embrace"-Statue at Utica College
"Sheep 3"-Farm near Bridgwater
-Farm near Walesvile

Friday, March 09, 2012

March in the Mohawk Valley;Rome

Defense has been a part of Rome's history right from it's early days when colonists and the Oneidas defended Ft. Stanwix from the British and Indian allies, right through the Cold War and the First Irag War when Griffiss was a large Air Force installation which housed a squadron of B52's and KC 135 tankers. Now home to a partially filled business park that still includes some military including NEADS (Northeast Air Defense) which monitored the hijacked United flights, and dispatched the military aircraft during 9/11
Ft Stanwix ramparts in foreground, with skyline of Rome in back
B52;"The Mohawk Valley" parked at South entrance of Griffiss business park
East Entrance to Griffiss

Monday, March 05, 2012

Valley View Series Continued....

Our crude civilization engenders a multitude of wants, and law-givers are ever at their wit's end devising. The hall and the theater and the church have been invented, and compulsory education. Why not add compulsory recreation? Our forefathers forged chains of duty and habit, which bind us notwithstanding our boasted freedom, and we ourselves in desperation add link to link, groaning and making medicinal laws for relief. Yet few think of pure rest or of the healing power of Nature.~John Muir
If you prefer this as a full color set...can do! Plus I have other panorama shots that works well with this grouping

Friday, March 02, 2012

Valley View...

In the wake of the snowfall, looking at the city below. Afar, and blanketed in snow, She looks so perfect and clean...
...the blemishes, the decay, seemingly melt away. All seems right here, perfect it seems. Like heaven on earth, or perhaps... a beautiful dream. Some images from the Parkway, Valley View area in Utica

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mohawk Valley Barns....selecting sets and displaying photos or artwork

When selecting photos for display, try different, sizes, angles and distances to create visual interest while keeping in mind that maintaining continuity and theme including the frames and mats is important, unless you are looking for a whimsical or eclectic look....don't forget if you like or follow my blog then you receive 10% off or free shipping which ever is greater on orders over $100.00. Also, I provide layout services for your proposed space (price dependent on complexity) on site plus travel expenses. To my original GI friends and friends from FB, I do not charge in most cases and only ask that you send me seeds or bulbs from your garden, or favorite seeds from the garden store, which I will attempt to successfully grow and photograph.