Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mohawk Valley Barns....selecting sets and displaying photos or artwork

When selecting photos for display, try different, sizes, angles and distances to create visual interest while keeping in mind that maintaining continuity and theme including the frames and mats is important, unless you are looking for a whimsical or eclectic look....don't forget if you like or follow my blog then you receive 10% off or free shipping which ever is greater on orders over $100.00. Also, I provide layout services for your proposed space (price dependent on complexity) on site plus travel expenses. To my original GI friends and friends from FB, I do not charge in most cases and only ask that you send me seeds or bulbs from your garden, or favorite seeds from the garden store, which I will attempt to successfully grow and photograph.

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Anonymous said...

Is that farm shown in the center photo along the Parker Hollow Rd outside of Barneveld?