Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On this Wintery Day....

TAKE PHOTOS $0 (unless you don't have a camera already, or want to get prints)

GO X-Country AT PARKWAY COST $0 ( We have our own skiis)

JUST GO OUT AND GO FOR A WALK-Again, Bring the Camera! COST $0



In January most of us have become a little frustrated with mother nature and the long cold winter we've had thus far. Our faces have gotten pelted by sleet and freezing rain as we scrape the windows and extricate our cars to maintain our connections with the outside world...We curse the snowplow who dumps a pile of sludge and wet snow at the foot of the driveway just after you've shoveled.... We hold our breaths as we open our National Grid bills...We slip and slide on icy and unshoveled sidewalks...

To maintain your sanity, especially if you can't get away to Florida for a month or two is to learn to work with Mother Nature instead of against Mother Nature. ABOVE are just a few ways my family and I have learned to get through the long arduous upstate winters at relatively little if at no cost at all! Happy Winter all!!!