Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Root Glen

This is truly a garden get away. It is usually quiet, and I have seldom visited here when it was over run with visitors. It gets busy when there is an alumni or parents weekend at Hamilton College, but otherwise you generally have the run of the place. This is also an excellent spot for taking wedding photos if you are looking for a spot. There are some neat bridges at the bottom and beautiful 3 season flower gardens on the side of the Glen. Root Glen has many unusual species of flowers, plants and trees as well as a flowing brook at the bottom that you can sit on a bench next to, contemplate life, get back to nature and be back to the city in less than 10 minutes.

Your dog is welcome as long as they are leashed and my children have always enjoyed walking through the glen and posing next to unusual species of plant, or hiding in the recess of a tree.
It's worth a trip or two and who knows, you might find yourself a favorite spot at the Glen and become a frequent visitor.

There is a map on Hamiton College's website.