Monday, September 13, 2010

The Segovia Connection

Our family is hosting an exchange student from Segovia, Spain. So, last Friday I decided to take the whole visiting group on a "historic" tour of the Mohawk Valley.
We went first to the Oriskany Battlefield site where we met with Allan Foote who gave an outstanding presentation on the battle while fending off hordes of mosquitos.
Next we toured Ft. Stanwix where the group and enjoyed the museum, the fort and it's reenactors. Finally, we went to the Shako-wi Cultural Center on the Oneida Indian Reservation where Kandice Watson gave us a history aand tour of the museum, the reservation and the casino. All of which gave the group from Spain an interesting historical and cultural perspective of the Mohawk Valley. The groups favorite part of the day was the the visit to the Indian nation, disappointed that they could not peek into the casino or the "Lava" nightclub.