Monday, February 16, 2009


Like a beautiful dream I stand in the waning electric blue light of a fading sunset,
I breathe deeply and stretch my arms as if soaring like an eagle far above the city below.
The wind blows over the edge of the valley with a roar,
masking and obscuring the sounds and sights of the city.
The wind dusts the ground with blowing snow, hiding the blemishes,
pushes into the valley and then is gone.
The wind is gentle and whispering in my ears now,
as the city lights turn on, one by one.
Lights with bright colors that twinkle, pulse, and move in the chilled air.
Lights that are arranged in orderly patterns, or scattered about like the stars above.
The lights suggest a vibrancy and life that is an illusion,
for the mind knows what the eyes cannot see.
But hope, faith and determination are omnipotent in nature,
one is renewed in the beauty and serenity nature affords,
if one has the eyes to see.