Thursday, November 17, 2016

Revisiting Snowy Mt, Chimney, T Lake Falls, & Panther Mtn

I love Snowy Mt., and have visited Snowy at least a half a dozen times. My favorite approach is still a bush whack via the bouldering area near Griffin Brook, and then up the Griffin Brook Slide and then along the ridge lines (easier said than done) to the summit or the cliff areas.

The trails are a rutted mess and usually full of a mix of hikers of different capabilities. Many novice hikers just look at the miles (7 miles or so) and don't realize how difficult the hike is.  I often see some of them sitting along the trail anywheres from a quarter mile to a mile from the summit, looking dejected and out of breath, asking the proverbial question; "how much further is it to the top?" Anyone, who has hiked Snowy Mt knows that the last mile can be quite challenging, especially if there is any ice or snow or mud.
Snowy Mt (Griffin Brook Slide in front)as seen from Chimney Mt

Thursday, April 21, 2016

2+ years and how time flies....

I almost forgot about this blog as it has been over 2 years. But I do do enjoy the look and feel of the blog more than I like FB or a site like Pinterest. FB seems to be overly reliant on posters constantly droning on about every little this, that, or wherever. The blog seems to allow for a little complacency and time for introspection..... Anyway, given what I have written so far, I won't  drone on about all the accomplishments of the last two years, but I would like to share some special photographic moments over the next post or two.....anyway, back  in the saddle again for the time being.
as you can see from the photos my obsession with mountains has become a big part of my life.
Image: View of the Keene Valley, NY

Nothing more soul cleansing than standing on a mountain enjoying a pristine view especially in winter.
View from Echo Cliffs near Piseco, NY

High atop frozen Mt Marcy (NY's highest peak) in Dec 2015

Cliffs on Snowy Mt.

Nole and I offcially become 46ers last December on Mt Marcy