Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Accessibility to the great outdoors....

Every year the power company "graciously" opens up the Trenton Falls to the public on four weekends a year. You hike about a quarter mile alongside a massive and obtrusive pipeline and then are afforded access at a few spots, to mostly obstructed views of the once mighty and magnificent Trenton Falls. The power authority controls water flow now and restricts access to the site except for the few times a year it allows guests in. So, out of town visitors who would like to see the falls should check to make sure the falls are open when they are visiting. Even harder to access, is the falls above (Prospect Falls) in the nearby Village of Prospect. The Village of Prospect maybe should take a look at the beautiful falls in Chittenango (see below) as an example of how allowing access to the public could bring in thousands of visitors to their town. Unless they like it the way it is. Although Chittenango can be a difficult climb down to enjoy the view from the canyon bottom looking up to the falls, at least it is accessible to admirers and even fishermen. The way it should be. NYS needs to work harder to make more of the states scenic and historic spots more identifiable and accessible, and not kept hidden secrets.

Trenton Falls, Oct 2011

Chittenango Falls, Oct 2011

Chittenago Falls, Oct 2011