Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Slide Mountain On Which "I Did Slide" & The Brothers Mountains in 360

No doubt that Nolan I have gotten the "peak climbing bug". After being warned by ADK and some well traveled peak baggers about the trials and travails of hiking the mountains in early spring, Nolan and I checked the trail reports and decided to give it a go, to notch our fourth Adirondack High Peak. We headed north for the just under 3 hour drive which I do not seem to mind. There is much beautiful scenery on Rt 8 & 87, and the anticipation of the climb ahead, seems to keep boredom in check. We arrived in the village of Keene around 9:30am and pulled into the "Garden" trail-head ($7/parking fee, 60 car limit)in the charming Village of Keene, around 9:45am. We signed in, and Nolan and I were immediately struck by how dry the trail was. We easily crossed a small creek about a half-mile in. Trail conditions in the first half of the trek were dry and excellent, and because it was still early spring in the Adirondacks there were no nasty black flies yet. We made it to the first mountains; "The Brothers" where we taken aback by the stunning views especially the 360 degree view on Brother 2. Scrambling over the gorgeous stone faces atop the Brothers peaks was truly one of the highlights of this mountain climb. After coming off the Brothers, we encountered the last remnants of snow and ice (a few inches up to a foot deep) on the dark (North) side of Big Slide Mt and the side of Brothers in the shade of Big Slide. So we slipped on the cramp-ons and pushed ahead to make the final push to the summit....more to come.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Was So Beautiful, Felt Like I Died And Went To Heaven; The Summit of Giant Mountain In Winter

A beautiful late winter day (March 30, 2013 which is spring in most parts of the US)to make the ascent of Giant Mountain. After exploring the lower falls about 3/4 mi from trailhead, we found the falls was 99% frozen and covered in snow, so Nolan and I detoured back and started the 3.5 mile ascent of the 4,600 plus foot, Giant Mt. The trail is a steady 20-45 degree incline most of the way with inclines becoming even more dramatic as you near the summit. The conditions were spring like and slushy at the base to midpoint, and slippery along many sections because of returning hikers who slide down longer sections of downhill. Amazingly at the top there was upwards of 2 or 3 feet in sections......I'll finish this post soon, just wanted to start this and get some photos up. ~Thanks-Pat

Monday, April 08, 2013

T Lake, Piseco, NY, March 17, 2013

Image: Turn of century postcard of TLake Falls I'll share since this elusive view has eluded me twice now. Deciding to sleep in a little and do a closer "easier" hike, I talked Nolan into doing TLake with me. I missed seeing the complete falls on my trail run in early September, and thought it might be easier to bushwack our way down the steep incline to the base of the falls to get a good photo that way. Unsure of the conditions we set out for Piseco Lake Road and the closest trail head to TLake. Nobody had been on trail for a week or so, and with approx. 2 foot of snow base, the 7+mile trek proved to be a little more gruelling than my solo trail run here to check out the falls, late last summer. The trail-head parking at the campsite Many challenging hills and valleys to climb and detours to bushwack through. T Lake lean to and a fresh pair of socks, water, snack and equipment adjustment check. I decided not to risk bringing Nolan to the top of the falls area, due to the extreme danger in going over the edge. Especially as icy and uncertain the conditions at the falls in winter might be. At least 2 people have died here going over the edge, and there are even newspaper clippings and warnings posted on the trees to discourage the "curious cat" syndrome. I figure the next attempt will be the unmarked trail (5mile) from Mountain Home Rd., perhaps in late summer or early fall, to capture and experience this elusive image of Adirondack beauty. After we returned to the trailhead parking, we ventured out onto Piseco Lake which was still frozen, and we're treated to beautiful and expansive views of Piseco and surrounding mountains including being under the shadow of Piseco Mountain which we had just hiked for several miles around