Friday, January 29, 2010

The Only Way To get through the winter...

although it is subzero today, get off the Wii's and the computers and get out and enjoy
a good x-country-ski or go sledding (before the kids get too old and you look nuts out there sledding by yourself or with your wife) I always enjoy Val Bialas but in Whitestown the town park is good and close by.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our areas best hope of renewal both physically and mentally is a strong core in Utica and Rome.

Which means careful consideration and agreement in planning and then the careful use of resources. The N Genesee Street bridge creates both a physical and psychological barrier to
downtown. Eliminate the bridge and use the ramp for traffic to Genesse Street and this would go a long way to linking up the Auditorium area, Union Station area, Downtown, North Utica and Harbor Point. I picture visitors that have gotten off the thruway strolling along Genesee Street headed back and forth to restaurants, hotels, boutiques and historic spots from the canal all the way into downtown area.
I'll say. At least the old Genesee Street bridge (1914-68) put you out into Bagg's Square going southbound. A passenger in a car could actually see something off the side of the bridge, there were sidewalks on both sides, and it had weirdness on its side (3 rows of truss girders plus concrete). Clearly the Rockefeller era bridge of today was designed & finalized by the firm of Someone Who Doesn't Live Here. As revenge I am building a replica on my model railroad.
R.B. Phillips, Utica 1954-73

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Start the New Year Right...

It is always better to work with nature than to work against her. Whenever I feel winter closing in on me, the best solution I find is to go out into nature, use all of your senses and truly see the subtle beauty of a winter sunset, feel the biting winds on your cheeks, hear the tiny chickadees calling to each other, smell the clean purified air. At times you may be a little uncomfortable, but soon you are excited and warmed by the beauty, the purity and solice.

May all of you find peace and happiness in the year ahead!