Thursday, June 16, 2011

Springtime in Utica...

The Peony is the official flower of Utica, and since it's spring....well anyway...

I love the outdoors and hiking/running in some of the areas more scenic "outdoorsy" areas of the Mohawk Valley. But you have to love running-walking and taking in the many sights, sound and smells in areas around downtown Utica! The interesting people and architecture, as well as the deliciously intoxicating smells eminating from the many restaurants(Vietnamese, Italian-many, American-delis and grills, Japanese, Cambodian to name a few) in the downtown area, make it one of this runners favorite places to jog and take in the many sights, sounds and smells....Give it a go sometime, especially if you are visiting us this summer. If you're not staying at one of the hotels on Genesee Street, you can park for free on Bleecker or Court or State Streets. For a 5K-10K run, I prefer to park by Union Station, and then work my way Southeast towards Bleecker and over by Rutger Street Park (historical homes area) and follow Park Ave to Oneida Square for 5K or up to South Utica (Uptown Theatre area), and then back down Genesee Street past Munson Williams Museum, taking as many side streets as I have time and stamina for. It's certainly a different sort of run or walk then my "usual". But it's one I'm seldom disappointed in. As I often see, smell, and hear some really cool and great things you would never see out in the isolated spots I normally run or walk. Enjoy.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Our Legacy; The Erie Canal

I took my son to visit the Erie Canal Lock 20, and just "assumed" he had been there before. I was slightly embarassed to find out this was his first official visit to see the canal even though we lived just a couple miles away...oops. I figured his school or his mom or "somebody" had brought him down to show him the history and heritage of New York's Erie Canal. Anyway, we enjoyed a beautiful day in Lock 20 park along with joggers, bikers, picnickers,campers, fishermen and just the curious like us. Even got to see a yacht going through lock 20! You can park (just off rt49) at the park or get there by bike or hike on the canal trail system. We will either run or bike the leg from Utica to Rome this summer so watch my blog for some photos and my thoughts as I traverse the ol Erie Canal from Utica to the Copper City(Rome).