Monday, April 15, 2013

Was So Beautiful, Felt Like I Died And Went To Heaven; The Summit of Giant Mountain In Winter

A beautiful late winter day (March 30, 2013 which is spring in most parts of the US)to make the ascent of Giant Mountain. After exploring the lower falls about 3/4 mi from trailhead, we found the falls was 99% frozen and covered in snow, so Nolan and I detoured back and started the 3.5 mile ascent of the 4,600 plus foot, Giant Mt. The trail is a steady 20-45 degree incline most of the way with inclines becoming even more dramatic as you near the summit. The conditions were spring like and slushy at the base to midpoint, and slippery along many sections because of returning hikers who slide down longer sections of downhill. Amazingly at the top there was upwards of 2 or 3 feet in sections......I'll finish this post soon, just wanted to start this and get some photos up. ~Thanks-Pat

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