Saturday, January 28, 2012

Raining our way into February....

Where am I??? I listened the other night as the rain beat on the side of the house all night long. I jogged in the rain at least twice this week and the creek behind my office is swollen. If it was April I would shrug and say simply; "It's mud season in the Mohawk Valley!" but it's the end of January. Typically we've battled 5o inches or more of snow at this point and have settled into average daytime temps of 15-18 degrees. Really makes one wonder...if nothing less, the weather here in the Mohawk Valley gives us something to talk about other than politics. Anyway, it's sunny out! It's a great day to go for a walk or jog and enjoy the spectacular snow-free view of the Mohawk Valley. Go out and make it a great weekend!!!

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