Monday, August 15, 2011

A Visit to the Past... visiting Little Falls photo group 1

I'll share some interesting views from a visit to the Little Falls Canal Days celebration on Saturday. Although the event turned out to be a yawner, I enjoyed walking along the canal and seeing a bit of Little Falls heritage-legacy as a canal port and mill town on the Mohawk River. Unfortunately, much of the canal park area has been neglected. A motorcyle even pushed us along and off the walking path. What started out as a great idea, seems to be badly neglected now. The vendor tents seemed to be the major attraction as a handful of shoppers milled around the tents, and very few people took the mile or so hike out to the lock on Moss Island. Surely having the information booth manned, during the event would have helped greatly, but the booth along the canal was closed when we attended. Little Falls suffers from a similar problem found in towns like Herkimer and cities like Utica. The problem is that at some point, they allowed the DOT to put major arteries across their urban landscape, with no regard to maintaining the character and allowing easy access, much less building with historical character and accuracy, as well as exploiting interesting views.

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