Sunday, August 21, 2011

Turning Stone Races...

A pretty good inaugural race for the Turning Stone half-marathon/10k/5k. I ran the half-marathon and am nursing some tired legs, so I'll be brief because I am a little cranky and think I'll take a nap. It was a beautiful and pastoral location for a 13.1 except for the few miles where we traversed busy highways. Although there was a very strong police presence and the time of the day we ran traffic was minimal.
All in all I have to give this race a good rating and one which I may run again. There was food(bagels,fruit) but no beer available like advertised, and if you wanted to use the $10 free gaming you had to go into the freezing casino and go to the "Diamond-desk" to claim your freebie. Other than that and the lame expo, I had a pretty good time and experience racing in a 13.1 right here in the Mohawk Valley!

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