Monday, August 08, 2011

If you like running hills and beautiful mountain vistas.....

Thought I would take in an easy 10K run this weekend and found myself challenged by a most difficult run. The Lane 10K in Speculator was pockmarked with at least a dozen hills including several that could be described as cavernous. Combine that with humidity of nearly a 100% and you've got one challenging course.

At the start

You're treated to occasional beautiful vistas and views

huff-puff at the finish 49:30 place 18/87

All and all it was a great race-run albeit a very challenging one. Once underway, it was just you against the course with the occasional challenge from competitve runners. For you non-runners out there Speculator is a great place to visit; there is a beach with parking. So, swim and take in the view of the mountain vistas, kayak on the Kunjumuk or on Lake Pleasant. And you're able to walk a short distance (1/8th-1/4 mile) down the street to get some lunch or dinner after.

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