Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Mohawk Valley....Steeped in History

It's about a half-marathon to run here from Whitestown, but you can run along some really cool secondary roads past babbling brooks and rolling country roads to get there. Or of course you can drive. You end up here at the site of the Battle of Oriskany which like the plaque says; "was one of the bloodiest and costliest battles of the Revolution". There was not a family that was not affected by the over 600 casualties inflicted on the Americans and our Oneida Indian allies that day, and it's impact is evident in this area. Several towns, villages, streets and even an aircraft carrier, were named after this battle or participants in the battle. Visit this site, when the weather gets a little better. Walk the hills and remember, the sacrifice that the Tryon County militia and residents of the Mohawk Valley made that day, for liberty and freedom. And a few miles down the road stop in to Ft Stanwix Monument and museum in Rome if you have never been there or haven't been there in a while.

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