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Seeing the Mohawk Valley in Less than 24 Hours

I've had several requests from people coming from out of town on my recommendations of things to do and see in the area-specifically Utica. Below I pasted a copy of my e-mail with my 10 recommendations if you have only a day to sightsee. This is a winter list. If it was summer the list would be very different and I would always recommend you come back in the summer when there is much more to do outdoors, which is this areas strongpoint. The road into Roscoe Conkling Park is a seasonal road so I suggested to Dylan M., that if he wanted to see the view from "The Eagle" that he be in fairly good shape, and dressed warmly to make the ascent preferably from Master Garden Road on Oneida Street in Utica. If you are a jogger or x-country skier the ascent should be a fair to moderate difficulty run or ski. If you are in good to excellent condition, you can make the ascent by parking at the chalet parking lot and hiking up the ski hill if they are not open yet, or park at the entrance on the Parkway about a 1/2 mile up and hike up from there.

Hi Lori,
Thank you for your nice comments regarding my blog.
If you come back in summer (best time to sightsee) I'll point you to some of the well kept secrets you can only see on foot or bicycle.
I have a great bicycling map of historic sights/attractions in Utica if you would like a copy all I ask is you send a check for $2, or $2 worth of postage stamps for postage and handling to me at 4340 Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford, NY 13413 -no calls please. I also have mapped out trails of R. Conkling and New Hartford Town Park, Whitestown Town Park if anyone is interested...once again all I ask is the $2ea for the maps. Also, please allow several weeks to get any maps to you as this is not a business for me, just a love and a hobby.

1) Munson Williams Museum-Designed by Philip Johnson
2) Fountain Elms (right next door to Munson Williams) A late 1800's period home w/walking tours and decorated seasonally.
3) Take the brewery tour on Varick Street in Utica.
4) Have lunch at Fianchetto's (Italian) Varick Street or Gabriels Trattoria in New Hartford or Ancorra on Genesee St., Utica... Utica has some of the best Italian Restaurants, Pizzerias in the country.Grab a cannoli on Bleecker Street in Utica at Caruso's. Don't like Italian? let me know and I'll send you some other restaurant ideas- we have some very good small Viet, Thai, Polish, Bosnian and Japaneserestaurants.
5) Siesta?
6) Take a drive down Genesee Street until you hit New Hartford if you want to see a lot of interesting architecture without getting out of the car. When you hit Uptown (Uptown Theatre area) grab a cup of joe or tea at Cafe Domenico or drive 5 minutes further to New Hartford and get your brew at Angelica's Cup in downtown New Hartford. Get your GPS out if you want to see some of the more historic buildings like "Old Main" in West Utica, Union Station in Utica, the Stanley in Utica, St Johns Church in Utica, Presbyterian Church in Utica, Rutger Street historic mansions. Blink and you might drive by most of these.
7) Head out to the village of Clinton (10 minutes) and enjoy the charm of Christmas in a village where things look like they did 50 years ago and do some shopping in the little shops and boutiques there.If you have some daylight, drive up to Hamilton College (2 minutes from Village) and check out this historic and architecturally interesting ivy league campus.
8) If you want to explore some local history and have some extra time left, go to the Ft Stanwix Museum in Rome (20 minutes from Utica) there is a period fort w/ actors in period dress. Check the schedule for events through the holiday. There is an indoor museum that covers a lot of the Revolutionary War History of this area and the part it's people (including native Americans) played.
9) If you are in Rome go to the Savoy Restaurant for dinner.
10) Feel like a kid again...go sledding at the Parkway and bring the camera!!!

Final hint...if it's real cold when you come here, wear lots of layers-peel off as necessary

Have a great stay-tell your friends-come back again!


Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 3:34 PM Subject: Utica, NY

I found your blog just by doing a search on the internet.I'm going to Utica, NY for just a day over Xmas break to see a relative.I love your blog! If in Utica for only a day (one full day) what would you suggest doing? From the blog, the city looks so beautiful and totally my style. I'm going with my father and sister and my Dad is very into architecture and old industrial things. I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have.

Thank you for your time!
Lori, California

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