Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our Beautiful Valley

Our valley covers 5,882 square miles and stretches along the Mohawk River for almost a hundred miles connecting Utica and Rome to the west, Schenectady and Rotterdam to the East. It is a beautiful valley carved out by a melting glacier as it headed down towards the ocean.

My favorite photo shoots and places to visit of the valley, are in Roscoe Conkling Park in Utica. The proximity of the city, the park and the clear view it affords, expansive open green areas, and the closeness of the northern and southern rims of the valley make for most exceptional views. Having traveled around much of the US, I can say with much enthusiasm that this is truly a gem and a blessing to those fortunate enough to live here and enjoy its beauty.

If you've never been up there, go and go often, because it changes so dramatically from season to season, from morning to night. Sit on that strange chair next to the eagle some twilight and take a deep breath of crisp clean air and watch the sun come down. Be amazed at the colors and hues, be intrigued by the shadows and the lights of the city below turning on one by one. Check out the cars as they snake their way down the north side of the valley on Rt12, then walk out onto the open span of grass and watch as the stars and planets put on their own show. Cross country ski on freshly fallen snow, walk-bike or jog through the park and the new Switchback. Any time of the year, it's truly an amazing place!

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