Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fred's House

Fred's House
Time was, the light in Fred's house across the lake was always on. Now it is dark.
In summer,  Fred's laughter resonated over the water as he shared a laugh with friends. Now it is quiet.
At Christmas, we could see Fred through his living room window, smiling and waving from his rocking chair. He would give us a big thumbs up for the lights we put up on a small wild spruce we had growing on our front lawn at Christmas. Now there is only the silhouette of his rocking chair.

Fred's Place, Piseco, NY

Time is elusive, and time can be unkind.
For now, I will reminisce, and court a memory or two.
A memory where Fred's living room  light shines, and his laughter is loud and clear.
A place where we are happily decorating the spruce tree with brilliant christmas lights, and we can see Fred across the lake bathed in the amber glow of his living room waving to us.  Fred has a big smile on his face and he gives us a big thumbs up.

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