Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saying Hi & Bye to Street Mountains & Nye Mountains 2-16-14

The LOJ Road
Nolan and I grew excited as we turned onto LOJ Road and completed this last leg of our 3 hour drive to the high peaks region and we both anticipated that we would be the beneficiaries of  a perfect sunny winter day to climb this pair of peaks. All roads (OKwell maybe not all-just some) lead to the ADK LOJ road when climbing the high peaks and  the view as you enter onto the LOJ road seemingly says; "Welcome & Hello!" setting the mood for the days hike. Cheered by the sight of the ADK LOJ we approached the gate-house and were greeted by an indifferent teenaged young lady playing loud music, who held out her hand saying that will be $10 and promptly took our $10 parking fee without even looking at us, and closed the window.
Oh well, every climb is kinda like Christmas morning with the excitement and anticipation of the climb, so we moved quickly to the parking area to set off on the days adventures....Once again, bear with me and I'll complete the writing in a week or so, until then enjoy the photos!!!

Beautiful snow-covered, wind swept trees near summit of Street Mountain
More of the lovely snow-covered, wind swept forests near summit of Street Mountain
Summit view from Street Mountain
Close up View of Algonquin from Street Mountain (can even see the hikers going up and at the top)
Close up of Wright Mountain from Street Mountain (can even see the cairns silhouettes)

the only sign you're at the summit of Street Mountain
Summit marker on NYE Mountain a less than impressive reward for such a gruelling climb
As you approach the summits you do get views(don't forget to turn around and look once in a while) along the trails that are quite stunning, so enjoy! As the views on Street Mountain are OK, but the views on NYE Mountain are nada!

Close up of Algonquin, Boundary & Iroquois Mtns

Nolan and I on summit of High Peak #20 Street Mountain after completing #19 NYE Mountain

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