Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ice cold and hard edged...a brooding and temperamental mistress is February

February can be a tough month to "weather" here in the Mohawk Valley. Most everyone at this point (except snowmobilers and skiers) have had their fill of snow and cold and look forward to the warmer days ahead. A good way to pass the time is to drive (or run) around the countryside and enjoy the beautiful Mohawk valley scenery. Most like you'll see many farms and old barns. Trolling around you're sure to see these monuments in most suburban and rural areas of upstate NY. A testament to a time when life was much simpler and prosperous. The barns sit like sentinels in freshly fallen snow along the edges of hilly meadows, or perhaps slowly encroaching forests. Many have fallen, many others are giving in to old age and neglect. A handful are loved and cared for and seem to weather time, and with imagination can momentarily take us back in time. Hope you enjoy these photos of area barns I did in B&W or just a hint of color, to help capture that "stepping back into time" nostalgia look. It's interesting that in the starkness of winter, I am often able to photograph barns, that in the summer are covered by high grasses, brush and trees. Fascinating also, is that often the farmers who own these barns mirror in personal appearance and state of their businesses; their barns. Also, keep in mind that most of my photos are available for purchase....just e-mail me for prices.

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