Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Utica Boilermaker 2011; A Testament to The Great Things That Can Happen In This Community!

at the start

mad dash to the finish

Competing in my 26th Utica Boilermaker with 13,000 15K runners from all over the world and the USA, was definitely an inspiring and uplifting experience. The first 2 miles though was an obstacle course as I found myself bouncing off of, and around, runners who seeded themselves in faster groupings.13,000 runners is definitely the maximum number and more thought should be given to policing the seed, and subsequently maintaining the quality and competitiveness of the race. I was seeded 4003(yellow bib) with my previous time of 1:15:51 and finished 2,256 place this year and in 2,457th place last year out of aprox 13,000 runners/11,000+ finishers. Next year if I do run the Boilermaker, I will have reseed myself to get a green bib number to avoid the increasingly large number of much slower runners who seed or get seeded inaccurately. After the "thinning out" of runners by mile 3, the race quality improves dramatically, and you enjoy having space to run and take in the thousands of spectators and entertainment venues on the course. There seemed to be more spectators this year on the course as even formerly barren stretches on Champlin Ave., were lined with hundreds of people cheering us on. The final mile was densely packed with thousands of spectators making the last leg and dash for the finish, an even more exciting and exhilirating experience. The post race party was super, with plenty of entertainment, beer, and plenty of food and drink for thirsty and hungry runners. The big disappointment was the cancellation of the long awaited military jet fly-over, substituted with a lone commercial helicopter which flew over at the appointed time of the jet fly-over. All-in-all, had another great Boilermaker experience and a great time in Utica, NY. The warm and receptive crowds, the Utica scenery and beautiful weather and the great job by the race committee proved that Utica definitely is the "City With A Warm Heart".

Me going the last mile....

My son running in the 5K

With some friends and my son

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