Friday, October 23, 2009

A Proud Past...A Past We Need To Build On...

Every year that which gives Utica it's character and uniqueness crumbles away or torn down and disappears forever, except in our memories or the images we might have captured. You are in denial if you believe that there is any good in this. Utica has nothing without it's past, and any future prosperity will be built on what's left of the solid foundation of Utica's uniqueness and it's history. The old buildings that have survived and served, and been a part of generations of Uticans lives, should be kept alive as a testament and a reminder of a once strong and vibrant Utica. To tear down any more of our past, is only a sad but unfortunate reaffirmation by so many people, that newer and younger is better. There is too much of that going on in our suburbs, where much of the community is void of any character. You move through these communities and they look much like a thousand other communities throughout the US. Through the last few years I have attempted to capture much of the beauty and uniqueness that is the Utica area. I hope by highlighting the jewels of the Mohawk Valley, you've also been inspired to find a way to bring attention to, to protect, and most importantly to appreciate all we have to build on here. If not,
much of it will be gone soon.

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