Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Take a Walk Around New Hartford...

View of the Presbyterian Church from behind Butler Hall

Butler Hall from Presbyterian Church Parking Lot

NH Veterans Park-Utica National In Background

Veterans Park, New Hartford

A beautiful summer morning, and what better way to spend it then walking around in the Village of New Hartford. If you have time, get a window seat and a coffee at Casab's and watch as the world goes by. Then start your walk around the village by crossing Genesee Street and make your way up Oxford Road past the high school, and then enjoy a walk though the shady tree neighborhoods, and enjoy the many beautiful gardens, historic homes and churches along the way. If you're a real glutton for punishment, push your way up Paris Road to enjoy the lovely old homes and gardens. Save a few minutes and stop by to see and to pay tribute to New Hartford Veterans, at the Veteran's Park and the new reflecting pond across from Utica National. The village walk seems to be like stepping back in time, and the Veterans Memorial helps us to reflect on those who helped to make our way of life possible. Enjoy.

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