Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Grace Church A Downtown Utica landmark, Utica, NY

Built around 1860 with money donated by prominent Utican Alfred Munson, Grace Church stands as a testament of the proud and prosperous past of Utica. Designed by architect
Richard Upjohn this building is a must see for those interested in historical architecture. The interior is a little dark but beautifully crafted. And if you can go when the organ and the music are playing it is really quite remarkable.
If you're hungry, nearby restaurants like the Court-Vue on Elizabeth Street,
Pho Mekong on John Street, Grimaldi's on Bleecker Street, Geisha 2 are a few of my favorite eateries nearby. Get a canoli at Caruso's Pastry Shop on Bleecker Street afterwards and you're good for another hour of hiking around downtown.

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marycitsay said...

Do you happen to have a picture of the St. George RC church in Utica? My dad built it and sadly I have never seen it...