Friday, April 04, 2008

Uticas Val Bialas Parkway Ski Hill

I've always thought they should open this ski lift in the summer so people (tourists and locals)
can enjoy this view. Plant tulips on the ski hill too to create a showy burst of color in the spring. And reopen the back entrance to the zoo so they could stop in if they wanted at the same time. Connect some running trails from the "Switchback" and you would see a whole
lot of good things start happening up there! Take this one step further and put concessions and small boutique type businesses in the chalet area. Really a lot of possibilities with this great asset!!! If nothing less show your stamina and hike up the hill ( take the 1st hill to the left-facing up as it is a less strenuous climb) the shorter hill to the right is climable if you are in good shape and the ground is dry. Enjoy the view!
Pat Huther

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Anonymous said...

val bialas is diamond in the rough, it needs polishing, great place close to home, i love suiting up with my gear and 5 minutes later im on the slope, coming from home, doesnt get much better